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Dispute Resolution

Few people go to Court or a Tribunal to resolve issues by choice. Unfortunately, disputes can get out of hand and require professional assistance to resolve them, either in Court or in negotiating suitable settlements by alternative methods. Disputes may be between employer and employee, between seller and service provider or customer, between landlord and tenant, or between a victim of somebody’s negligence and the wrongdoer.

We always work to ensure that the clients’ best interests are promoted with a view to obtaining a successful outcome. We endeavour to ensure that our clients achieve the result that they would like as quickly and as economically as possible.

We advise and represent clients on a wide range of civil disputes and the advice we can give and work that we can carry out on your behalf includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance with Pre-Action Requirements
  • Representation in Court Proceedings

If you would like to ask any questions or to receive an estimate of costs, you can:-

  • Telephone our offices on 01323 720581 / 431292.
  • Email us by clicking Contact us.
  • Arrange to see somebody face to face either at our offices or we will come to see you. There is no extra charge for a home visit for elderly or disabled people. We can arrange appointments outside office hours.