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Court of Protection

If somebody no longer has the mental capacity to deal with their own affairs, they cannot give someone Power of Attorney, to act on their behalf. The reason for this is that you have to have mental capacity, in order to make a Power of Attorney. Instead, the person who wants to take over dealing with your affairs, has to apply to the Court of Protection, to be appointed as your Deputy.

Applications to the Court of Protection involve a lot of paperwork and can be daunting and stressful and we are able to help you with this. We can either deal with the whole application on your behalf or we can give you the information and assistance that you require, to enable you to deal with the application yourself.

If you would like to ask any questions or to receive an estimate of costs, you can:-

  • Telephone our offices on 01323 720581 / 431292.
  • Email us by clicking Contact us.
  • Arrange to see somebody face to face either at our offices or we will come to see you. There is no extra charge for a home visit for elderly or disabled people. We can arrange appointments outside office hours.